Fast Rubbish Removal After Clean Up Projects
Posted by dirtcheaprubbish, 10/13/2017 9:32 am

When it is time to clean out the garage, the yard, or the attic, most people have more rubbish than they can set out for the weekly removal service. There may be items that will not be collected, are too big to fit in the rubbish can, or will make the lawn look like a junkyard. A skip bin hire is one solution, but that stays on the lawn for a week or two until it is filled.

It can also be expensive. Skip bins are expensive because there are so many costs involved. The delivery and pick up charges, the rental for the bin itself, and the costs of dumping the rubbish in the landfill are all considered in the pricing.

Other Options

People can rent a pickup truck for the day and bring rubbish, yard debris, or appliances to the landfill themselves. That creates the need to lug and lift items into the truck and unload them. It may take several trips to get rid of everything. That is a lot of work, especially considering all the work involved in doing the actual cleaning up first.

That will take a toll on the body and increase the likelihood of injury. It may be less expensive than a skip bin, but it will cost time and energy. If all the rubbish is not removed in one day, the costs can double.

Same Day Service

A second option is to get a free quote from a company like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. Same day service is offered at affordable pricing. All types of rubbish are hand loaded into the truck by professionals. The rubbish is removed in one trip and people do not have to lug or lift anything. That is all completed for you. Learn how to save time and money at

These companies provide both Waste Disposal and Recycling in Sydney. All the items are not just left in the landfill. Items that can be recycled are recycled. This eco-friendly way of taking care of rubbish and debris will help the planet and helps to reduce costs of disposal.

All Items Taken

Household items and appliances, carpet, beds, old furniture, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures are removed, as well as asbestos. Items and materials from renovations and construction are also removed. That includes glass, metals, concrete, porcelain, flooring, roof tiles, and bricks, among others.

Trees, gazebos, decking and patio materials, rocks, gravel, and clippings from yard cleanups are not a problem. Services for businesses, commercial properties, and industrial factories are also offered. Go to for details and quotes.


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